B2B Digital Marketing

Reach ideal customers and generate business
Promote your brand to the right audience
B2B Marketing Consulting

Valuing brands

Inbound Marketing

Digital Transformation

B2B Digital Marketing Consulting

Consulting specializing in digital marketing and event advice for companies operating in the B2B market

Personalized follow-up

Directors with +10 years of experience in B2B digital marketing, media and events, for your brand to receive a personalized communication plan and exclusive follow-up

Branding and Digital Transformation with Results

NextNova is a B2B digital marketing consultancy focused on enhancing brands and generating results for companies looking for projects tailored to their communication

B2B Digital Marketing with Full Services

Develop your B2B digital marketing strategy with a complete partner: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Advertising, E-mail Marketing and Social Media

Events with Digital Integration

Your Offline actions are integrated with Online to expand and multiply your results and your brand recognition in the B2B market

Digital Press Relations

Complement your B2B digital marketing strategy with articles and quotes on major portals and websites

B2B Digital Marketing to Generate Results and Enhance Brands

80% of Brazilian companies use B2B digital marketing to generate business

NextNova is a B2B digital marketing consultancy focused on enhancing brands and generating results for companies looking for projects tailored to the communication of their brands, together with a personalized and specialized advisory that integrates all marketing touchpoints (digital and events).

  • Work with the most recognized tools on the market
  • Complete services: Strategy, Development and Execution
  • Use of UX, UI and SEO best practices
  • Digital Media Purchase is 100% transparent
  • Team with vast market experience
  • Recognized customers and partners
  • Personalized Advisory Follow-up
  • B2B Digital Marketing actions integrated with Offline
  • Custom Projects

Our customers and partners love working with us

B2B Digital Marketing Services, Events and Digital Press

B2B Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy

Digital Press Relations

B2B Marketing Consultancy and Content for Events

Website Development and E-commerce with SEO

Inbound Marketing and Market Research

Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media


Design with Technology and Performance, this is the way we work. NextNova's projects combine innovative design with user experience and the best practices of B2B digital marketing, expanding the impact and brand recognition.

b2b digital marketing specialist

Mariana Campelo

Head of Strategy and Partner

B2B marketing, branding and performance specialist, with 10 years of marketing experience, through agency, partner and client in Europe and Brazil. Founder of NextNova and Co-Founder of Aporama. B2B marketing expertise in the technology, entertainment, luxury and automotive segments.

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What is B2B digital marketing?

B2B digital marketing is the set of strategies for generating leads and valuing companies that operate in the corporate market, called B2B (business to business).

Why hire a B2B marketing consultancy?

Hiring a company that specializes in B2B marketing consultancy is very important for companies to communicate correctly with customers, in addition to generating qualified leads and business opportunities.

How does a B2B digital marketing agency assist companies?

The main benefit of a B2B digital marketing agency is the specialization in the B2B market, which helps clients achieve the best results in valuing their companies and generating qualified leads.

Is it worth it to hire a B2B marketing agency?

It is very worthwhile to hire a B2B marketing agency if the company in question seeks to speak with a different audience, value its image in front of a corporate audience and generate qualified leads.

How to attract more customers with a B2B marketing consultancy?

B2B marketing consultancy will develop a detailed strategy for your company together with objectives and monitoring metrics to achieve the best results.